Who is J. Graeler Photography?
Jessica Graeler is owner and lead photographer, Samantha Tuley is the second shooter for events and takes care of the website and blog.

1. How long have you been in business?
J. Graeler Photography has been in business since January of 2010.

2. Where is your business located?
JGP is run out of my home in Warrenton, MO.

3. Where can I have my photo session?
You can have your session at any park or location within St. Charles, Warren and Lincoln Counties. I do have a photo studio based out of my home in Warrenton, MO if you are interested in indoor photos. If you are outside the listed counties or want photos in St. Louis, etc. a travel fee can be applied and we will be happy to shoot there.

4. Do you have a studio?
Yes, Jessica has an in-home studio at her home in Warrenton, Missouri.

5. What should I expect before/during/after a session?
Once you contact JGP about a session or wedding, we will discuss what you are looking for out of your session and book a date that works for both of us. We usually communicate through email or phone. During your session we will plan for any “must take” photos we discussed previously as well as candid photos. After the session is complete, JGP has four weeks to finalize your photos and post to the website for viewing. Depending on what package, or what you have decided to purchase we will order prints and or create a cd of your images at the time of posting on the website photo cart.

6. If I chose your company will you be the photographer shooting my session or wedding?
Yes! Unlike many, JGP is custom photography. When you hire J. Graeler Photography, I will be there with you on your session or wedding day! Depending on what package you select, you will also receive my second photographer, Samantha who has been working with JGP since it opened.

7. How soon after a session can I see my photos?
Final photos of your session will be posted on the website photo cart within 4 weeks and 6 weeks for weddings.

8. How many photos should I expect from the average one hour session?
The number of photos varies depending on each session, on an average one hour session the client typically sees 50 final photos. This is not a guarantee of any amount of photos as we cannot guarantee how any session will go. We can plan for the perfect session, but with children or pets involved it does not always go as planned.

9. What if my hour runs over an hour?
As long as my schedule permits the extra time, if you are looking for more time it is $20 for an additional half hour and $35 for an additional hour. If you know ahead of time you would like to add more time to ensure you get what you are looking for, please let JGP know when you are booking your session.

10. What should I wear during a session?
This varies depending on what you are looking for, do you have a theme, do you love when everyone matches in a photo, or hate it? This is something that we think depends on how many people will be in the photos and also what time of year. These are your photos and we want you to love them, so we will assist with what to wear as much as we can. This is something that can be discussed when a client schedules an appointment so we have a better idea of what you are looking for.

11. Can photos be purchased online?
Yes, once your photos are complete they are put in an album on the website photo cart. There you are purchase prints & products and share the album with friends and family.

12. Can I password protect my photos on the website cart so they not open to the public?
Yes, we can put a password on the photo cart if desired.

13. Do you have a referral program?
Yes! Referrals are a great compliment to my work. As a thank you to anyone who refers someone to J. Graeler Photography, they will receive one free 8×10 of your choice after the session is completed. The person whom you have referred will also receive a free 8×10 of their choice upon the purchase of a session. If a wedding is booked from a referral, the person who referred the bride and groom will get a free session!

14. How many weddings do you shoot a day?
Wedding photography is hard work! JGP only photographs 1 wedding per day.

15. How much is a session with JGP?
Please view the Investment page of the website for pricing information and collections. Also, add J. Graeler Photography on Facebook and watch for any specials and print promotions.

16. Do you require a deposit for sessions? When is the payment due?
At this time JGP does not require a deposit for a photo session, the payment is due at the time of the session.

17. Do you require deposits for weddings? When is the final payment due?
A $250 deposit is required to book your wedding day with JGP. Final payment is due 4 weeks prior to your wedding date.

18. Do you take credit cards?
J. Graeler Photography does take credit cards through Square.

19. What type of gear do you use? What if one breaks?
JGP shoots with Canon. I have nothing at all against Nikon or any other brand, but Canon is what I learned on and used ever since. Between Jessica & Sam there are 5 cameras in total. If all of those break at once, we are in trouble.

20. What sort of backup systems do you have for storing digital files?
Once a session is complete and posted on the website photo cart the images are burned on a backup cd. Also, an online backup is done each day to ensure even unedited photos are protected.


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