Interested in booking a session with JGP?

Interested in booking a session with J. Graeler Photography? I would love to work with you and create truly custom session to Here is some information about pricing and how to get your session scheduled!

An hour session fee is $75 and does not include any prints or products. There is a $100 minimum order due 15 days after you receive your online album with the final photos. Total investment for an hour session is $175. This is the same for all sessions within St. Charles, Warren, Lincoln counties.

We offer great Grow with Me packages for Maternity – First year with your new baby! Please contact to view the collection options.

 If you are interested in wedding pricing or questions please contact JGP and we would love to chat more about your wedding day needs.

To book your session, or talk further about a possible session/wedding you can call at 636-359-0554, email or send a message on the J. Graeler Photography Facebook page!  Watch our Facebook page,  J. Graeler Photography for any specials and information on seasonal mini sessions!


Copling Wedding

Nathan and Maggie had the most sweet intimate
ceremony with close friends and family. They chose to take the
non-traditional route for their wedding and I think it fit perfectly.


I was so excited with Nathan contacted me for his wedding! Nathan and
Maggie were up for anything and even had a few fun surprises like a
cool bow tie and awesome groom socks!


Maggie looked stunning and you
can tell by being around these two for the first few moments that they
have what it takes for the long haul!


Thanks Nathan & Maggie for letting me take your wedding photos, it was
great and you both have great families and friends!


We wish you the best as you start your beginning as Mr. & Mrs.!

What to wear…

Our clients always ask us what they should wear for their portrait or
family photography session. While there are no hard and fast rules, some
clothes generally photograph better, so I’ve put together a guide that will
help you decide on your best outfit for the day.

1. Combine colours Solid colours tend to work best: all attention is on you, and not your clothing. If there’s more than one person in the picture, try to coordinate colours so that they work well together. You don’t need to wear the same colour (in fact, don’t wear the same colour!) – just make sure they don’t clash. Choose colours from the opposite sides of the colour wheel (complementary colours), or the colours adjacent to each other (harmonious colours). Most people just intuitively know what colour combinations work for them, so just trust your instincts. And if you are still stuck try Pinterest, there are millions of ideas there!

2. Avoid patterns and logos Logos aren’t great as they date really quickly, and busy and contrasty patterns create too much visual noise and distract from the main subject on the photo – you. Oh, and please don’t wear skinny stripes – cameras and screens don’t like them. If you must wear a pattern, try to limit it to just one piece (for example, combine jeans with a patterned top

3. Wear denim If you’re not much of a fashionista, and prefer jeans (like I do) – then please wear them! Jeans have been around for over 100 years, and are timeless. Combine them with a smart top and some accessories, and you’re sorted in no time! However, do avoid wearing more than one piece of denim clothing: it’ll look very 80s!

4. Dress for the same season For family portraits (or any group photograph) make sure you’re dressed for the same season. For example, if she is wearing a jacket, it’s not a good idea for him to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt! Unless that’s exactly the effect you’re after ; )

5. Think layers Layered clothing works really well. It’s the easiest way to get varied looks from your photo shoot without having to worry about finding a place to change. Wear a jacket and a top underneath, or wear two tops one under the other. Throw in a couple of jumpers and a scarf… And you’ve got many different looks!

6. Accessorize. Bring your kids’ favourite toys Wear or bring scarves, necklaces, earring, wellies and brollies – whatever you love, anything that’s unique to you, your family, your kids. For children’s portraits, please bring a couple of their favourite toys (or have them at the ready if the photography session is taking place at your home). Not only they are a great prop for your kids portraits, but it will also make it easier for me to gain your kid’s trust before the session (show me a kid that wouldn’t want to talk about his or her favourite toys!)

7. It’s all about YOU Wear something you feel comfortable in, something that makes you feel gorgeous and confident. If you are not normally wearing little dresses and high heels – it’s probably not a good idea to wear them on the day of your portrait session. And remember: if you just must wear something that I said you shouldn’t – then by all means wear it!

8. Still not sure what to wear? If you’re still stuck, and can’t choose between several outfits or not sure whether your colours will work – bring them along (or have them ready if the session is taking place in your home), or take some snaps and email me the pictures – and I’ll help you choose the ones that will work best in photographs.

And Finally….

9. Think about your Walls Are you planning to order a large framed print to put it on your wall? What is that room’s colour scheme? Can you find clothing you can wear on the day of your photography session that would complement your interior? Or are you redecorating soon?

Those are just a few of the things that I like to consider when planning a family photo shoot!

Thanks for stopping by!