Snow pictures!!!

On Saturday the 23rd of February we had a great time taking some snow pictures! Even though Jessica’s hands were practically frozen. We had a very willing model, my sister Rachel.







Why Choose Custom Photography?

What is custom photography? What is the difference between custom photography and the chain store product?

Custom photography offers a much different experience for both the client as well as the photographer. There are many roads that clients can take when it comes to custom photography but the major feature that custom photography offers over your average chain production is in the name, “custom”.

Custom photography caters specifically to each individual session that is directed to the client’s needs. The degree of these services range from special events to a personal list of events in your lifetime, such as Engagements, Maternity, and Family sessions. Clients using custom photography understand the investment it takes from the photographer who is ensuring that every detail and feature of the session is deliberately captured.

This service is a luxury that envelopes much more than the session itself. The work the photographer puts into setting up the session, planning the session, reviewing the photos, editing the photos, transportation, etc. provides for a personalized experience for each client; one that differs much from the chain production. There are no lines, waits, outfit limits, limited options of fake backgrounds. What custom photography is ultimately about is… choice and experience. Custom photography is about finding someone who will photograph your family, give you devoted 1:1 attention without worry of who is next ‘in line’ or the feeling of a crowded place.

Using custom photography will ensure that your product(s) will be completely different to you. The unique sessions, friendly service, luxury quality and outstanding commitment clients receive through custom photography forever will be embedded with them as they cherish the products and memories often on. Using custom photography deviates from the mass-produced and standard photographic aspects of chain-studio style photography. The settings are real, the photographer is humanistic and the experience is special.

Needless to say, just as custom photography does not deliver the same way that studio productions do, custom photography does not price like chain studios do. An investment into the memories that will be treasured for lifetimes is worth the luxury and quality of the unique experiences that custom photography delivers. The individually designed sessions in conjunction with the investment made by the photographer is what results in such fine quality.

The foundation of Custom photography is being exclusive to the client. Imagine the experience one would have being in a natural environment and allowing the photographer to capture the memories that are to last a lifetime.